Special Edition no. 1

Special Edition No. 1 was introduced the 29th November in 2013 as the first product in our whisky portfolio.

The whisky is a 3-years single cask, single malt, cask strength and non-chill filtered whisky, with a discreet smoked taste and with a nice body and its beautiful colour, it is an enjoyment to drink. After it has been poured in the glass, you can dilute it as needed.

Due to keep all the tasty notes the whisky is not diluted to 40 % vol. as is written in the sold certificates. Therefore, we are bottling it with cask strength which is 59,9% vol. in 50 cl bottles, in other words there are the same amount of alcohol as a bottle diluted to 40 % vol. on 70 cl bottles.

Sold out.

​Thy-whisky No. 1

Fad No.1 is a unique whisky made of malt from the 2-rowed spring corn Power, which is grew and harvested in 2010 at Slægtsgården in Gyrup. It lies at Thy Nationalpark.

The barley has been malted at Fuglebjerggaard. The whisky is then fermented and distilled at Nordisk Brænderi on the handmade cobber distiller.

The raw alcohol was the first winter diluted down to 63,5 % vol. with the purest water from Klitmøller water board, and then it was put on a cask that earlier was used to sherry. The whisky has evolved in the cask in 3 years before bottling the 336 bottles, which was done in the beginning of 2014. The whisky is produced in collaboration with the farm Gyrup in Thy.

You can read more about Thy Whisky here.

50 cl – 60 % vol. // non chill filtered / single malt / single cask / bottled with cask strength

Sold out.

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