Nordisk Gin - Edition Sloe

The History

Nordisk Gin - Edition Sloe is inspired by and dedicated to the nature in North Jutland in Denmark. The nature in North Jutland offers a large diversity of aromas and taste impressions. The distiller has lead his thoughts go back to his years of youth, where he together with his family hand-picked different botanicals for spiced snaps. 

The Process

Hand crafted with juniper berries, nettles, chamomile flowers, and rose hip petals. The wild, hand-picked sloe berries are from the farm Stensbæk close to Vadum.   


Juniper berries, sour and bitter sloe berries, sweetness, spiced.


Sweetness, sour slow berries, juniper berries, cherry, spiced, nettles.


Juniper, sweetness, sour sloe berries, cherry, spiced.

The nature of North Jutland bottled.

Hjortdalvej 227 - 9690 Fjerritslev - Tel: 2093 3656 - - CVR.:15175672

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