Nordisk Gin - Edition Northstar

The History

Nordisk Gin - Edition Northstar is based on the Nordic nature. The inspiration of this gin comes from Anders Bilgram's pioneering expedition Polar Passagen 2000, where he sailed around the Arctic ocean in open boat. 

The Process

Hand crafted with juniper berries and carefully chosen Nordic botanicals: Danish apples, sea buckthorn, Icelandic angelica seeds, Swedish cloudberries, Greenlandic qajaasat - and the petals from rosehips, which come from the north-western part of Denmark.


Dried cherry, juicy fruit flesh, juniper, gardenia, rose, violet, floral, herbal, pepper, pineapple, grass, intense.


Lemon, dried peach, mango, plum, nectar, snapped juniper, violet, dried flower, floral, wheat, herbal, basil, cardamom, coriander, pink peppercorn, menthol.


Juniper, citrus, lavender, floral, Earl Grey tea, liquorice, spicy, brown spices.

Nordic adventure bottled.

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