Craft Traditions

​Back at the glacial period, the ravine “Hødalen” was made, and this is here we are operating the micro-distillery Nordisk Brænderi, in which a wide product portfolio is produced. Originally the quality craft started with a production of exclusive and unique brandies and schnapps based on Nordic fruits, berries, herbs, etc.

Brandy and schnapps are still important constituents of the everyday life at the distillery. However, we are increasingly meeting demand for gin, rum, and whisky to both our domestic and export market.

Common to all the products are that we only use the best raw materials, which are carefully chosen, sorted, and manually processed throughout the production process in order to secure the best taste experience for our customers.

The distillation of the products happens on a handmade Müller cobber still, which comes from Schwarzwald in Germany. Bernd Müller, who is the inventor behind this brilliant Aroma still, is the third generation of the firm.

The still that we are using is fitted with an Aroma purifier, which is designed to fully extract the flavours in the mash. This gives a unique and intense taste in our products.

Enjoy the variations and the authentically experience it gives you with a glass of unique spirit.

Hjortdalvej 227 - 9690 Fjerritslev - Tel: 2093 3656 - - CVR.:15175672

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