Whisky boxes

The whisky, Special Edition No.1, which Nordisk Brænderi produces, is packaged in beautiful wooden boxes made from Nord-Bo Autismecenter. 

De Gule Værksteder, which produces the wooden boxes to the first whisky from Nordisk Brænderi, is a protected offer for young and adults with autism such as Asperger's syndrome and other contact difficulties. 

De Gule Værksteder was established in August 2007 as a division Under Autismecenter Nord-Bo. ​De Gule Værksteder is an active workplace, where people with specific needs for structure and predictability can make a meaningful everyday life for themselves. Contemporary, they are producing things that can be used by other people. 

​Beside the wooden workshop, where the wooden boxes are produced, De Gule Værksteder has a department assembling, a department for creative products, a bike shop, and a store, wherefrom they sell the products that are produced in the different departments. Customers can order a specific product by a specific department in De Gule Værksteder. Personnel and employees at the departments are welcoming you to take a look inside De Gule Værksteder.

​The pictures show broadly how the wooden boxes are made. The first step is to cut down trees and transport them home to the sawmill, where they are cut into smaller pieces. Afterwards, the wood needs to dry out for a couple of months, before they are cut into even smaller pieces in the wooden workshop. The pieces are then trimmed into different lengths before they are cut into the right thickness. A grove is cut in the side and bottom piece. Before the boxes are glued together and assembled, a little torch to give the boxes a unique look has burnt all the wooden pieces.  

​More information about Autismecenter Nord-Bo and De Gule Værksteder: www.nordbo.dk


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